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Has ANYONE had an early (12-13 week) potty shot that looked like a boy, turn out to be a girl???I


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2-Feb-12 9:36 pm
I'm asking because I always hear that potty shots aren't accurate that early, but I don't think I've seen one actually end up being inaccurate. Just makes me think they must be a lot more accurate than we think. I've seen potty shots that already look like girls at that gestation, 3 lines and all. And I'm finding it pretty rare to see a 'penis' in a 12-13 week potty shot that ended up being girl parts. Your thoughts?



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4-Feb-12 8:01 pm
I would like to see answers to this too!
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4-Feb-12 9:08 pm

I would love feedback on this too. 

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4-Feb-12 10:17 pm
I had my 12 week scan in early December. My tech was very familiar with the nub theory but baby was moving all over the place. We took a peak in between the legs just for fun. She was 70% sure it was a boy. I have 2 boys that I adore but so wanted a girl. I was sad and felt bad for feeling sad. We also saw 3 dots in the shape of a triangle and she said that would lean boy because it was the testicles and penis. It did look very much like a penis. My husband and I were sure it was a boy. I picked out new boy bedding and had it all ready to order. We were shocked at my 17 week scan when there was nothing in between the legs but 3 lines! In my 5 week wait I searched and searched for examples like mine and they were hard to find. I hope you get your girl if that is what you are wanting!! If you are hoping for a boy then I hope it stays looking like a boy for you. Good luck! Sorry for the long response.

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4-Feb-12 11:27 pm
I agree! Seems like I have seen more early "potty shots" lately on here that turned out to be correct.


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5-Feb-12 12:18 am

I had my nuchal scan in early december, and when I asked the tech to loook between the legs, she said she would def say boy because, in her words, "there is a lot going on between the legs". I pointed out that I could see 3 lines clearly, but just that they were long ! But she said no, it looks like a boy. I came home a bit deflated, and started to watch the dvd over and over. The nub to me looked girly, and got mainly girl guesses on it.

I booked a private scan at 14w5d, and straight away the tech said it was def a girl. She checked over and over from all different angles, because I couldn't believe it! At each U/S since, they say it's certainly a girl, but I'll believe it when she arrives. I just can't believe it after 3 little boys!

GL !

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5-Feb-12 9:08 am
This post is interesting to me!! Bumping for more posters' experience!! My baby's potty shot (you can see it in my nub thread) looks very BOYISH too although I got lots of girl guesses on its nub
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