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TTC baby girl


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18-Dec-11 1:12 pm

bless your heart i know how confusing those faq's are. too much information and your brain explodes. ttc boy. ttc girl, do this don't do that shuttles or not to shuttles O+12 what? hugs. i'll sum up for you.

  get yourself a basil body temometer  and check your temps every morning, ( bbt- basil body temp) then buy a ton of ovulation predictors (opks). take a few months to learn your body. i know on the girl diet you can't have salt or red meat. i know cranberry and crystal light is good. maybe some other ladies will chime in about suppliments and stuff.

  i know timing is your least importnant factor. so you have to decide if you want shuttles which says girl sperm are slow so you want to have sex ( dtd) several days before you ovulate (O). o+12 says wait until after you O. i guess your cervical mucus will change from egg white to creamy which favors girl. not sure as i always conceived mine on O day with tons of egg white cm.

   we swayed boy but im sure i know where i messed up. i never checked my ph levels. so check yours. dh was sneaking ice cream and he can't live without scalding hot showers. plus i cheated sopme by skipping breakfast. i usually don't eat until 1pm. i hope that helps some.  try you can chart your temps there. good luck sweetie!

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